Stepping up the distances at AJ Bell 2022 World Triathlon Championship Series Leeds

03 May, 2022

Stepping up the distances at AJ Bell 2022 World Triathlon Championship Series Leeds

Ewa Jamroz made the late decision to enter her first standard distance triathlon at AJ Bell 2021 World Triathlon Championship Series Leeds having initially signed-up to complete the GO TRI event.

Jamroz, who lives in Bramley, Leeds, first got involved in swim, bike, run in 2017 as one of 30 things she wanted to try during the year she celebrated her 30th birthday. During that same year Jamroz took part in her first GO TRI event during the World Triathlon Championship Series weekend.

Fast forward a few years and Jamroz’s passion for swim, bike, run had continued to grow and when AJ Bell 2021 World Triathlon Championship Series came around Jamroz entered the GO TRI event again.

But following encouragement and support from members of her local club, Tri Bramley Baths, Jamroz decided to increase the distance – from GO Tri to standard – just a few weeks before the event.

“It was mainly down to the encouragement from club members,” Jamroz explained when asked why she decided to upgrade her entry. “I suppose you always underestimate your own abilities, and I wasn’t quite sure whether I was going to be able to do it. I’m a mum of three boys and I don’t always get the chance to train all of the three disciplines. I do probably swim the most and then I try and do the other two disciplines as well.

“I wasn’t quite sure if I was ready for it but because some of my friends from the club were doing it I thought at least I can do it for the social side. There will be people there who I will be able to talk to. I think being able to talk with your mates at the start of it when the nerves are kicking in was one of the reasons why I thought it would be better to do it at an event I know I am going to have friendly faces at and the crowds. My family were there cheering me on and friends from the club so that was really good and part of why I decided to do it at Leeds.

“I knew I could do each of the distances separately. The challenge to myself was am I going to be able to do it altogether? Everybody was like ‘you’re going to be absolutely fine’, ‘no pressure’, ‘you can do it in whatever time’ but for me I wanted to do it in a specific time rather than just enter and do it. I thought let’s just do it and see what happens as then it gives me something to aim for in the future as it will be the first benchmark for me at the standard distance.”

Ahead of her first standard distance triathlon, Jamroz set a target of completing the 1500m swim, 36.2km bike and 10km run within three hours. Cheered on by the spectators around the route and the fellow participants out on the course, Jamroz surpassed her own expectations, crossing the line in a time of 02:55:26, beating her target by over four-and-a-half minutes.

When asked whether she’s glad she decided to switch her entry from GO TRI to standard, Jamroz immediately replied: “Absolutely”.

“For me it was a test of whether I was able to do it in the time I thought I may be able to do it and I managed to do it which was fantastic,” Jamroz continued. “I was hoping to do it under three hours and I just about managed it, I did two hours, 55 minutes so that was great.

“When I was looking at the times and comparing the different legs of swim, bike and run. The bike I did faster than I ever thought I would be able to do it with the run it’s always quite difficult because it’s at the end and you’re pretty tired.

“I did run the course a few weeks before and, although it felt okay, it did feel harder on the day because of the tiredness you have after doing the other disciplines. But it’s fantastic.

“Looking back reassures me that I’m able to do it. I don’t think you ever feel completely ready for it, and I think there’s always going to be that element of ‘I’m not quite ready for it’ but let me sign-up and let me try.”

Having already run the course in Roundhay Park, it was a very different experience come event weekend.

“There was definitely a lot more people and the vibe in the park was just fantastic,” Jamroz reflected. “To some extent, you did feel like a professional athlete. The support from people encouraging you, clapping, giving you water is just really fantastic.

“At some point there’s always that moment when you feel ‘ugh, there’s still two laps to go, will I manage it’. But then you hear people shouting, ‘well done’, ‘fantastic’ and it really motivates you and encourages you to keep going.

“Even though you may doubt yourself on the course and you might be feeling really tired and think I just want to stop but actually seeing everybody cheering you on does give you that extra push.”

Entries are still open until 22 May for AJ Bell 2022 World Triathlon Championship Series Leeds here, with all participants getting the same blue carpet finish-line experience across the event weekend of 11-12 June 2022.

Spectators are invited to come along and soak up the sporting action in Roundhay Park, with opportunities to volunteer at the event also now open for registration for anyone wanting to get involved. Grandstand tickets can be bought here.